Vreni Spieser

was born in Zug, studied at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Zurich. Various solistic- and group-exhibitions. 2010 she received the „Zuger Werkjahr“, 1998/99/2001 Grant for visual art, Kanton Zürich.

Spieser’s work revolve around the fundamental role of perception in
understanding the world, and engaging with it. Through the powerful language
of patterns in her physical intervention on floors and walls, her works
constitute the repetition of time, form and bodily motion.
In her interrelational works she further explores narrative and time through

Martin Schick

grew up in Fribourg,  studied ballet and later theatre at the highschool of art in Bern. After some years of acting in TV and theatre he works now independently in choreography and dance/theater/performance. With his creation in collaboration with Laura Kalauz he was honoured with the ZKB Förderpreis at Theaterspektakel Zürich. /

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