OPTIMISM(EXP:12/2012) is a collaboration-project, created and hold by Martin Schick (performer/choreografer) and Vreni Spieser (visual artist/designer), that will – everytime different – take part at several places all over the world until december 2012.. (as per prophecy might end the existence of the world. And consequentually the optimism…)

The basic material of this project (and the reason for this big geographical tour) is the story of CANDIDE, written by voltaire; at this time a rigorous critic against the predominant self-satisfaction and optimism in society, refering to the “metaphysical optimism” and the world-view of Leibniz. It is the beginning of a new decade, provoced through the earthquake of lissabon 1755, that will result later in the age of enlightenment and the french revolution. Similar moments of changing, desaster and (coexistent) HOPE, that have an influence in world history are our objects of investigation.

While putting ideas and arguments from the age of Enlightenment into a present time-context, we question the ability of each one to create his own mindset against present situations.

We make a disorder of logics and we are playing with rationality – as a counterstatement versus efficiency and capitalistic thinking.

Our performative serie will be guided by the character of CANDIDE and meanwhile, the events and happenings will guide him, just as described in the book. Our work is meant to be simple/straight and humorously, following the narrative of voltaire, but still exact and subtle.



January 2011: Tel Aviv

June 2011: Festival Belluard, Fribourg, Switzerland

November 2011: Buenos Aires – Fundacion Lebensohn.

2012: Substitut Berlin (Raum für aktuelle Kunst aus der Schweiz)